Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Patterson


Cheryl Patterson, Vice President and General Counsel  

When employees have a legal question, chances are Cheryl Patterson has the answer. She’s been with the Division since August 2008 and serves as the Vice President and General Counsel (Compliance Officer). She says, “Legal has the opportunity to work with just about every department at MLGW from time to time. It gives us a good understanding of issues in a lot of areas. Each day is unique because you are dealing with new and sometimes novel questions.”
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How COVID has affected her work: Our Legal and Claims department has primarily been working from home since March of 2020. This has caused some adjustments in the way we do business. For example, Customer Appeal Hearings with customers are now held via Zoom, adjusters are managing claims from their homes and some staff are working part-time in the office. 
Something most of your coworkers don't know about you: I love jigsaw puzzles and mystery novels. 
What we can find you doing on a Saturday afternoon: I enjoy playing tennis and play most Saturdays. If not playing tennis, I am generally found volunteering my time on community projects through the Memphis Chapter of the Links, Incorporated or spending time with family and friends.
Hidden/secret talents: Although I don't have any hidden talents to speak of, I do enjoy decorating and entertaining during the holidays. I am still planning to do my decorations this year even though my family will be the only ones to enjoy them.


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