Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Quinton Clark


Quinton Clark, Manager of Water Engineering & Operation 
When employees have a question regarding water engineering or operations, chances are Quinton Clark has the answer. He’s been with the Division since 1993 and says serving customers is the best part of his job. "What we all do as employees, makes a difference in the lives of everyone in Shelby County," he says.

Keep reading to see what else we learned in our latest interview.
How COVID has affected his work:
The Water Engineering area is mostly working remotely from home. The group has done a tremendous job of making modifications to how they perform their job functions. We have adapted to Zoom meetings, more emails, and cell phone calls to address internal and external customers’ needs. The Water Operations area made schedule adjustments, worked to limit employee interactions, and crews use separate vehicles as opposed to riding together in the same truck. We did have to delay some capital and maintenance projects as a result of COVID19.
Something most of his coworkers don't know about him:
I enjoy family vacations and seeing different history or art museums when I travel. I particularly enjoyed vacations to Washington, DC back in 2016 and 2018. The Smithsonian Museums and National Zoo have exceptional exhibits, history, and hands-on activities. The national landmarks, monuments and memorials were great places to visit.
What we can find him doing on a Saturday afternoon:
I am either spending time with my wife, daughter and son or visiting with my dad. We may be watching a movie or television show or enjoying Shelby Farms Park. I enjoy walking around the lake at the park. I also enjoy watching Marvel movies, NCIS, the History Channel and sports.
Hidden/secret talents:

I don't have any secret or hidden talents. I enjoy doing simple projects around the home. My last simple project was installing a new home security system.

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