Thursday, May 11, 2023

Meet the Chamber's May Ambassadors of the Month

Meet the Chamber's May Ambassadors of the Month

The Greater Memphis Chamber has not one but three Ambassadors of the Month for May! Learn more about Sherita Goodman, Cynthia Hailey, and Fred R. DeMagistris below.

Sherita Goodman

Sherita Goodman is an Economic Development Representative at Memphis Light Gas & Water.

She works together with the Greater Memphis Chamber to attract, retain and expand businesses that create and retain jobs and investments for the city.SheritaGoodman

Sherita graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, and completed the Barret School of Banking Graduate Banking Program at Christian Brothers University.

She enjoyed a 24-year Banking career, managing various Financial Institutions helping clients open accounts, process loans, and invest money.

Sherita was also employed with Operation HOPE as the Midwest Regional Vice President, opening several credit offices across the Midwest Region and overseeing coaches and ensuring effective delivery of credit programs that improved credit scores and decreased debt of clients.

Sherita is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Phi Lambda Omega Chapter, where she currently serves as the 2nd Vice President/Membership Chair.

She has always enjoyed math and helping people, especially when it comes to finance.

She is happily married to Wilbert Goodman.

She enjoys traveling, and has an expensive hobby of collecting luxury handbags and goods.


Cynthia Hailey

Cynthia Hailey is currently an Economic Development Representative at Memphis Light, Gas & Water (MLGW).Headshot (3) (1)

Functioning in this role allows her to assist in the growth of Memphis.  “We need to educate people on the positive things related to our City, the negative spreads like wild fire and doesn’t need any help.” MLGW is a local power company providing electricity, gas and water to the City of Memphis and Shelby County TN.  She has been employed at MLGW for 17 years, she has served as an Accountant in the Management Accounting and Budget & Financial Planning departments. She is a graduate of Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN, and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, constantly learning, serving others, dancing, and exercising.

Mantra- You cannot remain in your comfort zone and continue to grow. 


Fred R. DeMagistris

Over the last 5+ years, Fred has successfully transitioned his vast experience in retail, hospitality management, and customer service into economic development positions attracting nearly $278M of new investment and creating more than 625 new employment opportunities for the residents of the Greater Memphis region.F DeMagistris 

Fred was responsible for project management for local, national, and international companies delivering $18.9M in cost savings. Fred is particularly proud of his contributions to creating and implementing a COVID-19 small business assistance program that delivered $631,700 in aid to 112 businesses during the height of the pandemic.

He has held positions with Workforce Investment Network, EDGE, and the TN Small Business Development Center. Fred joined the Economic and Community Development team in December 2022.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Survey shows Memphis offers some of the lowest rates for utilities

Memphis Light, Gas and Water recently completed its annual Comparative Rates Survey comparing Memphis’ combined electric, gas, and water utility rates with other cities around the United States. MLGW’s combined rates continue to be among the lowest in the country.

For several years, MLGW has proven its value to Memphis and Shelby County residents by delivering electricity, natural gas, and water services at rates lower than most other municipalities.

“Providing our customers great value through affordable rates, along with immediate improvements to reliability and customer service are important parts of earning our customers’ business.” says MLGW President and CEO Doug McGowen.

The Division surveyed 39 cities to complete the 2023 report. All costs covered in the survey are based on rates published and effective as of January 2023. This year’s ranking includes what a homeowner would pay for 1,000 kWh of electricity, 200 cubic feet (ccf) of gas, and 10 ccf of water.

The 2023 report is available at


Thursday, May 4, 2023

MLGW’s Adopted School Honors Program

Vice President and Chief Information Officer Lashell Vaughn was present and accounted for during the Third Quarter Honors Program at Craigmont Middle School, MLGW’S partner school for student academic success. VP Vaughn spoke with the students and encouraged them to continue on the road to successful achievements. 

 She told the students, “Today is payday for you!” as she awarded 69 gift cards to the students in three categories. Eight students achieved the Principal’s List and received $50 gift cards. Fifty-one students earned Honor Roll status and were awarded $25 gift cards. Ten students who were present each day of the third quarter received $25 gift cards. 

She reminded students to pay their parents by earning good grades. Students screamed and cheered as she reached into her wallet and “paid” five students an additional amount for being first time honorees. 

Craigmont Middle School is a part of the MLGW Educational Pipeline that seeks to cultivate future

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

MLGW crews save a man's life

Front row (L to R): Overhead Electric Crew Leader David Hinchey, Shadburne Old Ill, Daniel Reed, Thomas Malone, Cade Shackelford; Back row: Underground Electric Crew Leader Justin McCarter, and Zachery Doty

A truck driver is lucky to be alive after suffering a heart attack at an MLGW job site.

An 18-wheel flatbed truck driver pulled up on an MLGW electric job site at 7900 block of Lowrance and Hacks Cross. The driver stopped and asked the crew if he could get around the construction zone because the road was blocked. A four-man overhead electric crew and a three-man underground crew were working the same job site.

The crews moved two of their work vehicles. About that time, MLGW’s overhead Electric Distribution crew leader David Hinchey said, “I noticed the driver was easing forward. He eased right into one of our poles. I ran around the truck and jumped up on the side. He was slumped toward the middle of the seat. I could see that he was struggling to breathe.”

Hinchey yelled for lineman Shadburne Old III to help the driver while he radioed the dispatcher to call an ambulance. “Shad told me he didn’t think the driver had a pulse,” Hinchey said.

Hinchey instructed the five remaining linemen to pull the driver out of the truck and lay him on the ground.

When they couldn’t find a pulse, Old started CPR. For 17 minutes, Old and Hinchey traded off performing CPR. Others assisted with the traffic until the paramedics arrived.

“The paramedics told us if it weren’t for what we had done for him, the driver probably wouldn’t be alive,” Hinchey said. “This all boils down to training from working at MLGW. We’re trained on how to react in an emergency like this.”

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we saved a man’s life,” he added. He’s hoping to meet the driver once he recovers.

In addition to Hinchey and Old, the other crew members included linemen Daniel Reed, Thomas Malone, Cade Shackelford, Justin McCarter and Zachery Doty.

Friday, April 21, 2023

National Lineman Appreciation Day

 Chairman Dickson read the National Lineman Appreciation Day resolution into the record at Wednesday's Board of Commissioners meeting. 


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Mayoral Proclamation declaring April “Safe Digging Month”

At today's MLGW's Board of Commissioners meeting Board Chairman Leon Dickson Sr. announced that in support of our efforts to emphasize natural gas safety and safe digging, Mayor Strickland issued a Proclamation declaring April “Safe Digging Month” in Memphis and Shelby County.


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