Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Coalition for Livable Communities invites you to a FREE workshop:

PIZZA WITH PLANNERS: A Citizen’s Guide to How Your City Works

Thursday December 4th at 5:30 pm, Memphis Leadership Foundation (1548 Poplar Ave)

Join your neighbors in a conversation with the people who design your city. We’ll provide the pizza and planners, you provide the community voice.

This workshop introduces citizens to how planning works on a neighborhood level. It will clarify the process of collecting community input, the development of a plan from that vision, and the implementation process of that plan. It will define the roles of the stakeholders – developers, residents, government entities, and funding institutions. Workshop attendees will view a wide variety of neighborhood plans.
Define and explain the concept of a “charrette”.

Explain the importance of resident input in the shaping of the community.

Now that we have a vision, who lays out the “plan”?

Now that we have a plan, who is responsible for the implementation?

What can residents do to encourage implementation?

How can residents be stay in the loop – the importance of an active neighborhood organization?

Call 901-725-8370 or email: sarah@livablememphis.org if you would like to attend!

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