Monday, November 17, 2008

Green Dry Cleaning

Now here's a good idea! I love Green Garmento's tagline: Be fantastic...use less plastic.

From the International Business Times...

According to government estimates, every year over three hundred million pounds (300,000,000) of single-use plastic dry cleaning bags fill America's landfills and kill our wildlife. At last week's Atlantic City, New Jersey Dry cleaning &Laundry Expo, a new product was introduced with the objective to drastically reduce that number. From the response of dry cleaning professionals in attendance,there is every expectation that potential will be realized.

THE GREEN GARMENTO™ is a reusable dry cleaning laundry bag which transforms into a duffel bag to carry clothes to the cleaner and then into a hanging garment bag to protect clean clothes for the trip home without the need for any single-use plastic garment covers.

Though the concept itself is not revolutionary, the product is poised to create a revolution. Before THE GREEN GARMENTO(TM), neither legislators nor lobbyists have been able to recommend an alternative to the single-use dry cleaning bags, as they have with supermarkets and retailers. Now with a reusable, recyclable product available at an affordable price, that effort can begin.

Even better, every dry cleaner who implements THE GREEN GARMENTO(TM) will help the environment and boost their bottom line. Instead of wasting thousands of single-use bags, two GREEN GARMENTO(TM) bags made from recyclable non-woven polypropylene may be all each household needs for two or three years. While many may give them away, other dry cleaners will pass on the cost of THE GREEN GARMENTO(TM) through selling them or more likely, taking a deposit from their customers, thus eliminating the expense for single-use plastic altogether.

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Get a free Green Garmento bag by sending your dry cleaner's info to:

Also, if you know a lot of people who do a lot of dry cleaning, this might be a good holiday gift. The more you order the less they cost. See price list here.

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