Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Osmose Pole Inspections

Over the next few months - and the next four years - you may see employees of Osmose inspecting the utility poles on or near your property. Osmose pole inspection programs allow us to better manage the critical factors that determine pole strength over pole lifetime.

The inspection and treatment of wood poles includes but is not limited to primary poles, lift poles and street light poles located on the MLGW electric distribution system. 

Proper maintenance of wood poles, which includes inspection and application of remedial treatments, helps add many years of safe, reliable service life to our electric distribution system, thereby reducing premature or emergency pole replacements. 

Memphis is located in the Level 4 Deterioration Zone, which is the second highest zone in the United States. To help extend the life of the pole post inspections, Osmose remedial preservative treatments help maintain the durability of our system by preventing strength loss caused by wood-destroying fungi and insects. Combined with the remaining original preservative, remedial treatments can provide an effective defense against a wide variety of wood-destroying organisms, thus extending the useful service life many years beyond what is typically expected. 

These pole inspections help MLGW better determine which poles will unexpectedly fail in the field, so by this determination we can change out the pole prior to failure to help mitigate unexpected customer outages. 

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