Thursday, May 6, 2021

MLGW 2020 Water Quality Report Available Online


The Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division 2020 Water Quality Report is available online on MLGW’s website. The report is available in English and Spanish at

Customers can also request a paper copy of the report by calling (901) 320-3962 or emailing

Specialists in MLGW’s Water Laboratory perform numerous tests throughout the year to monitor components of Memphis’ water.

All community water systems are required to prepare and distribute an annual water quality report. MLGW is proud to continue to provide excellent drinking water for the citizens of Memphis and Shelby County.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Heath Consultants conduct gas leak surveys for MLGW

In the interest of protecting life and property, MLGW is required by law to routinely survey all gas services for leaks. This survey is over the full length of the gas service from the street to the gas meter.

For more than 20 years, MLGW has contracted with Heath Consultants, a national company with offices throughout Tennessee, to perform these surveys of our gas system.

Heath employees can be identified by their MLGW safety vests and MLGW identification badges.
If a Heath worker is unable to reach your gas meter, call the number on the yard sign near your mailbox to set up a return visit.

Appointments are made for the first Monday of the month. In the event a holiday falls on the first Monday, appointments are made for the second Monday of the month. Workers are unable to complete the leak survey in the rain or if we have excessive amounts of rain.

Please help ensure the safety of our community by working with Heath Consultants to grant access to gas meters and conduct a complete leak survey of your gas service.


Friday, April 30, 2021

Be shovel-ready. Call 811 before you dig!

As April and National Safe Digging Month draw to a close, it leaves us with a very important thing to remember all year: Always Call 811 Before you Dig!

It’s tempting to break ground in your eagerness to start an outdoor project like building a fence, planting a tree, building a deck or adding a room. But do you know what lies underground where you plan to dig? Natural gas pipelines and other utility lines weave beneath the surface throughout our community. Major gas transmission pipelines are marked with a yellow caution sign. But secondary lines and distribution lines aren’t as easily identifiable.

Don’t risk hitting a gas line, disrupting neighborhood service, and facing potential fines and repair costs. Before you begin digging, contact Tennessee One Call by calling 811 to request that professional locating crews mark the underground utility lines on your property. The service is free, and it is federally mandated.

Almost 60 percent of natural gas pipeline accidents are caused by damage from excavation or construction. Other causes include rare damage by vehicles or corrosion. East Memphis experienced a cross-bore strike on an MLGW gas main in early March within site of Safe Digging Month, endangering two homes, burning up the cross-bore machine and two front yards including trees, and needing emergency fire crews to put it out after MLGW closed off the gas main.

Whenever you plan to dig on your property, have your home’s underground gas lines – and all other utility lines including electric, water and cable – located, even for spring planting.

Call 811 first in order to have your underground gas and electrical supply lines located and marked. Failure to do so could result in an explosion (or electrocution). Plus, it’s the law, and it’s FREE.

Simply call 811 at least three days before you plan to dig to arrange for a representative to come out and mark the location of your underground pipes and cables. Don’t dig until they have done so. You can take a photo of the markings, but always call again for future digs.

For more info Call Before You Dig, go to or For more on natural gas safety, visit or go to for our comprehensive Natural Gas Safety brochure with all the gas safety info you’ll need. 


Monday, April 26, 2021

April is Safe Digging Month


Planning to dig, garden or have any construction/excavation done? Stop right there! Better be safe than sorry – Call 811 Before You Dig. When you don’t, you run the chance of hitting a gas line and BOOM! It happened in East Memphis a couple of months ago.

When you Call 811, MLGW and other locators will come out and mark your underground utility lines so you won’t hit them while digging. It’s free and it’s the law! Call 811, allow 72 hours or three business days for marking, make sure they are marked… Then dig! April is National Safe Digging Month, a time when digging begins in warmer weather. So be safe! Check out more gas safety information at or

Friday, April 16, 2021

MLGW’s Share the Pennies program makes small change count

A little can go a long way...

The Share the Pennies Home Weatherization Program is proof that small change can make a big difference. Started in 2013, Share the Pennies is a partnership between Memphis Light, Gas and Water and the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) designed to help address energy burden in Memphis and Shelby County. The bill round-up program provides grants for qualified, limited-income homeowners to receive weatherization and energy-efficiency repairs to their homes. The program celebrated a milestone recently with the completion of over 500 homes in March 2021. This accomplishment was achieved with the help of another key partner, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), with a donation of $1 million.

While Memphis continues to have some of the lowest energy rates in the country, the city leads the nation in energy burden for low-income communities. With many residents living in older homes that are not energy efficient, high utility bills can easily become an issue. Recognizing the need to address this problem, MLGW created Share the Pennies, which has become one of its most successful programs to assist homeowners and families.

“Share the Pennies program is a direct response and reflection of our concern regarding energy burden in our community. We're happy to lead an effort that performs energy efficiency repairs and improvements to the homes of our customers who have fixed and limited incomes. The results of this program often reduce energy bills and increase home health, safety and durability,” stated Jim West, MLGW Vice President and Chief Customer Officer.

Qualified homeowners who are in dire need of assistance can receive weatherization work and energy efficiency upgrades at no cost. The program is currently at capacity and not accepting applications due to the great need for this type of work in the community. While these services are free to eligible homeowners, a large amount of funding is required to make this happen. Qualified contractors must be hired to complete the repairs. MIFA manages the application process and oversees many administrative functions. “We are proud to play a key role in the Share the Pennies partnership,” expressed MIFA President and CEO Sally Heinz. “The program aligns with our mission of serving vulnerable members of our community in a meaningful way.”

Outside of MLGW and MIFA, the most important partnership is with participating MLGW customers. Share the Pennies receives funding through participating customers who have their utility bills rounded up to the next whole dollar, the extra change donated is used for weatherization grants. For example, if your utility costs are $174.50, your bill is rounded up to $175, and 50 cents goes towards the grant program.


Prior to January 2018, Share the Pennies was an opt-in program. This meant customers had to sign up to donate to the program. In 2016, current Memphis City Councilwoman Patrice Robison, proposed a resolution to automatically enroll all customers in the round-up program, allowing customers an easy way to make a contribution to the community. Customers have the ability to opt out of the program if they wish to do so. The Memphis City Council passed the resolution with a unanimous 10-0 vote and the MLGW Board of Commissioners voted to approve the change in Feb. 2017. Councilwoman Robinson stated, “This is about Memphians helping Memphians and several organizations coming together to make a sustainable impact.”

In January 2018, the new funding model was applied to all residential and commercial customers. Since its implementation, the program has raised over $4.4 million with 87% customer enrollment. MLGW is elated to lead the effort to create energy-efficient homes in Memphis and Shelby County and looks forward to making a larger impact in the future.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Celebrate Earth Day with MLGW

 Earth Day is Thursday, April 22. MLGW has many ways for you to mark the occasion.

Sign up for My Account on The Explore Usage tools enable residential customers to analyze changes in bills, see up to 24 months of usage and cost data, view interval meter data, and use the Ways to Save features to create an Energy Action Plan.  Answer at least one set of questions in the Energy Profile section to receive a free TVA energy saver kit.  (Limit one per household per 24-month period.) 

In My Account customers can also sign up for paperless eBilling to reduce clutter, save trees and avoid late payments due to postal delays.  Login, click Accounts and select the paperless eBilling option.

Enroll in GreenSwitch to reduce your home’s or business’ carbon footprint.  For each $2 Green Switch block you purchase, you rightfully can claim 200 kWh of your electricity use came from renewable energy generated in the region—including right here in Shelby County.  Enroll online.  You can change anytime.   

Use EnergyRight for trusted energy advice and access to vetted contractors who can make energy improvements at your home. 

Interested in Electric Vehicles?  MLGW is working with Drive Electric Tennessee to encourage the adoption of 200,000 EVs in Tennessee by 2028.  Learn about this statewide collaboration and watch for future MLGW news about EVs. 
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