Tuesday, June 8, 2021

MLGW Hero: Bobby Brown

 MLGW Hero: Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown heard a loud noise then screams for help. Less than a block away, he just reacted – and in doing so, saved a man’s life.

It was the afternoon of Wednesday, June 2. Brown, an eight-year employee in Gas Distribution North, was in the process of finishing his work at the intersection of Chelsea Ave and N. Second Street when the noise from a nearby private construction site startled him.

Brown ran over to the site where there were screams for help as one of the construction workers struggled to get out of an excavation. The unidentified young man had severe deep cuts to both legs and was losing blood, Brown said. The situation was desperate and Brown knew he had to help.

Instinctively, Brown—taking deep breaths to keep his calm—took belts from the man’s co-workers and used them as tourniquets to apply pressure to the wounds and slow the bleeding. He called the MLGW Control Room and they dispatched the Memphis Fire Department and paramedics.

Brown, who credited watching documentaries for his ability to know what to do, stayed with the young man until the paramedics arrived about 10 minutes later.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division applauds Bobby Brown for his heroism.

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