Friday, July 31, 2020

Green Power Switch is now Green Switch

Earlier this month, MLGW implemented changes to TVA's 20-year-old Green Power Switch program, which enables interested customers to pay extra--above their normal electric charges--on their MLGW bill to support renewable energy generation. For each "block" purchased, participants are able to claim an equivalent portion of their electricity use comes from renewable sources. Approximately 1,100 MLGW customers participate, mainly residential.
A.  Program name changed to Green Switch.
B.  Price per block decreased from $4 to $2.
C.  Amount of renewable energy per block increased from 150 kWh to 200 kWh.
D.  There is no longer a minimum number of "blocks" for non-residential customer participation.
All existing customers were rolled into the new program automatically, at their current number of blocks.  These customers have received communications from TVA about the changes, which will appear on their June revenue month bills.

To learn more, or sign up, click here.

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