Friday, June 12, 2020

James Debose is MLGW's IS Volunteer of the Year

James Debose, Data Security, has been selected as MLGW's Information Services Volunteer of the Year for 2019! DeBose reported the most hours working with youth in the community. He served after hours and on the weekends providing a safe alternative for play and learning.

DeBose’s manager, Douglas Duncan, Data Security, said about his employee, "He is the most positive, do-anything-for-you person I have ever known. Whether it’s at work or outside of work, his attitude is always, if I can do it, I’ll do it."

DeBose started working at MLGW in February 1988 in the Computer Room. He said his time at the Division has been a "humbling experience" and "a joy."

He started volunteering at the Division through company organized initiatives, specifically through MLGW University by going to local inter-city high schools speaking to the students. He encouraged them to be successful in life by being positive and kind to their fellow man. He also provided examples of familiar life success stories to them.

DeBose also volunteered with United Way, coaching kids in sports and working with his wife Angela DeBose, Customer Care Residential Center, on her annual ‘Hoodies for Homeless’ campaign during the Christmas Holidays.

One of DeBose’s primary volunteer efforts outside of MLGW includes working with children in sports. He began after a group of kids in his old neighborhood asked him to coach them in a recreational basketball league 10 years ago.

"I couldn’t say no them, because of my passion for kids and my love for sports. I had to study basketball and coaching, so that I could guide them on how to be successful in what they wanted to do," he said.

As a coach, he shared his life experiences with the kids, provided transportation to those who did not have it, found gyms for practices, and took the team to games. When he’s not coaching or mentoring, DeBose volunteers at Saint Francis of Assisi and Bartlett Recreation Center.

DeBose encourages others to volunteer and said that the work is fulfilling because he knows he is helping others and making a positive difference in people’s lives.

"Our community needs inspiration, hope, people to encourage one another, respect each other and for us to love our neighbors. Volunteering gives us all those rewards and more," he said. "It uplifts me and for me to see the gleam in the kids’ eyes brings satisfaction to my heart. I encourage volunteerism for your own self-gratification."

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