Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Women's Empowerment Spotlight - Eliza King

In honor of Women's History Month, we are spotlighting women at #MLGW who have inspired others. Eliza King, our Director of Customer Care, is known as "The Clean Up Lady" by her coworkers because she has been assigned to many different departments for the sole purpose of getting them cleaned up and working like they should.

Eliza says the secret to her success is learning as much as she can about the company. "It didn't matter what area I was working in, I continued to learn and grow. I have always tried to respect others. I have always practiced consistency and fair treatment of everyone.  And finally, I work hard, no matter what the task is. I will take it on, and work until it's completion."


1 comment:

Shaban said...

The clean up lady more like the whip em good lady. Also i love how she says I TRIED to respect everyone. A respectable person.

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