Thursday, December 12, 2019

IRP Status Update: Your Power, Your Voice

Siemens Industry Inc. Senior Manager, Nelson Bacalao.
MLGW in consultation with Siemens Industry Incorporated is nearing the midpoint of the IRP (Integrated Resource Plan) evaluation. At a community meeting November 21, 2019 Siemens Senior Manager, Nelson Bacalao, outlined the strategies under consideration.

  • Business-as-Usual is the first option. Under this option MLGW maintains its existing relationship with the Tennessee Valley Authority as its sole electricity provider. 
  • The Full MISO is option #2. In this option MLGW contracts with MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator) to provide all electric power to MLGW. 
  • Option #3 is a combination of MLGW and MISO where MLGW supplies some of its own power and contracts with MISO to purchase the rest of its electric power needs. 
#MLGW customers asked questions about the IRP.

Each strategy will be run through multiple scenarios in order to predict how they will fare in varying situations (e.g., future regulations, changes in technology, climate crisis, etc.).

The MLGW IRP will evaluate transmission costs to integrate new supply side resources into the MLGW system, either new-build generation or imports from other utilities (like MISO for example).

At the conclusion of the IRP evaluation Siemens will recommend the optimal portfolio of generation; including renewable energy, that best meets MLGW's future energy needs. Those recommendations will be presented at the next "Your Power, Your Voice" community meeting in March 2020.

Visit us online for a look at the presentations given at each IRP meeting as well as notes. Information is posted here. #MLGWNews #ServingYouIsWhatWeDo

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