Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Work at Piperton Gate Station May Release Gas Odor

Our crews are working on a gas main at the Piperton Gate Station, 455 Mann Dr. which could result in the release of the odorant, mercaptan, into the air, through this afternoon.  Mercaptan is the additive that gives natural gas its smell.
The work involves cutting out a section of 24" gas main that is in close proximity to the area where mercaptan is injected into the gas main. As a result, some mercaptan could be released and, depending on the wind flow, residents could smell gas and suspect gas leaks.
If a gas leak is suspected, customers should call (901) 528-4465 to report it.

This sectional cutting work is expected to be completed by the afternoon of Wednesday, February 22. The work at Piperton Gate will be ongoing until about the middle of March.  

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