Friday, January 13, 2017

MLGW to Perform Fire Flow Tests in Arlington

Public may see pressure variations, discolored water

We will be conducting “fire flow tests” on the water system in Arlington Friday, January 13. The tests are requested by the I.S.O. (Insurance Services Office) for part of its Fire Suppression Ratings, which demonstrate the strength of the water system and its ability to fight fires in the city.
The tests will occur at fire hydrants at various locations in Arlington, starting around 9 a.m.. Each test could last five to 10 minutes.
Residents will see wet streets/areas. Drivers should drive around—not through—the water flows.  Depending on location, there could be water pressure fluctuations, and in some cases, water discoloration.  Any customer who does experience water discoloration, should flush their pipes by opening the faucet farthest from their water meter until the water becomes clear.

If not completed Friday, some testing could also occur Tuesday, January 17.

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