Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Performance Scores on the Rise for MLGW

Results from a recent performance metric shows MLGW is improving its customer service, reliability, use of resources and perception in the community. The utility posted its highest annual and quarterly score in the fourth quarter 2015 Corporate Scorecard. The total corporate score increased 4.5 points from 2014 and MLGW posted its highest annual score of 97.4 since tracking began.
The Corporate Scorecard uses eight indices to track performance at the utility: perception, customer service delivery, resource, financial, utility supply, reliability, employee and safety. In 2015, seven indices improved or maintained its score from 2014 and four posted a perfect score of 100.
“The Corporate Scorecard remains a good indicator of our performance at the Division,” said Jerry Collins Jr., MLGW president and CEO. “We want to improve every year to be the best utility for our customers and measuring, tracking and creating initiatives to improve performance helps us reach our goals.”
Perception – MLGW’s J.D. Power score, which indicates overall customer satisfaction on a 1,000-point scale, was up 47 points from 2014 at 662, higher than the goal of 650, making MLGW one of the most improved utilities in the nation.
Customer Service – The customer service index rose 4.4 points from 2014, which reflects positive customer service experiences such as wait times in MLGW Community Offices down to 18 minutes again for the second year in a row, well under the goal of 30 minutes.
Resource – This index posted a 3.8 percent increase in 2015, in part to the Supplier Diversity program exceeding its target in 2015 and spending $47 million or 37 percent of the company’s budget for procurement with minority, women and locally-owned small businesses.
Financial – On the financial front, eight out of the nine measures met their target. Meeting budgets helps MLGW pass on those savings to customers. MLGW had the lowest combined residential light, gas and water rates compared to any other major city in the country in 2015.
Utility Supply – Up eight percentage points from 2014, the utility supply index measures gas buying effectiveness, delivered residential gas cost comparisons, and electric, gas and water distribution losses. MLGW’s gas rates are the second lowest in the nation.
Employee – The employee index maintained a 100 percent perfect score which measures employee diversity, perception of the company and the number of customers served per employee.
Reliability – Despite being highly weather dependent, the reliability index was up 21.3 points from 2014 due to improvements in customer outages. The score was a perfect 100 percent and hit all of its targets.

Safety – Three out of four measures for the safety index met its target in 2015.  

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