Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nashville Based Heath Consults Conducts Gas Survey for MLGW

In the interest of protecting life and property, MLGW is required by law to routinely survey all gas services for leaks. This survey is performed for each gas services from the street to the gas meter. MLGW currently employs a contractor, Heath Consultants, to perform these surveys. Heath employees can be identified by their MLGW safety vests, and MLGW identification badges. 

In the event Heath employees are unable to get to a customer’s gas meter, Heath representatives may call customers to arrange access to their meters. This phone call may originate from Heath’s Nashville office and therefore show a 615 area code on caller IDs. MLGW is asking customers to please help ensure the safety of our community by working with Heath Consultants to grant access to their gas meters to conduct a complete leak survey of their gas service.

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