Friday, January 31, 2014

We Can Help

Many of you are experiencing "sticker shock" this month when you open your MLGW bill. The polar vortex has certainly made keeping our homes warm a little more costly than usual.

Remember, even if you have dutifully kept your thermostat at 68, your unit has had to work harder and harder to maintain that temperature inside as temperatures plunge outside. Add longer billing cycles (due to bad weather & holidays) and a slight rise in the cost of gas, and well, we are all feeling the pain.

However, we can help.

First off, our relaxed Deferred Billing Payments are in effect until the end of the month. If your bill is $250 or more, you can pay 25% or $250 (whichever is less) and possibly have the rest set up on a payment plan. Please come in to one of our offices to take advantage of this program.

Second, for those of you who were able to pay, but didn't like it, consider signing up for Budget Billing. This program allows you to pay the same amount each month. It really helps with planning ahead and definitely reduces the winter sticker shock! You can sign up online.

Finally, keep up those good habits and try to save as much energy as possible. Saving energy = saving money.

 • Set your thermostat at 68° or lower when you're home. Every degree below 68° can save four percent on your heating bills.

• Wear layered clothing and thick socks to keep warm, then set your thermostat even lower.

• At bedtime, lower your thermostat and add extra blankets.

• Lower or turn off thermostat when leaving your home for four hours or more.

• Adjust your water heater temperature to 120° or "warm." It still provides hot water and avoids scalding. You can lower it when not in use, too.

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