Friday, July 12, 2013

MLGW Warns Customers About Scammer Calls

Telephone Scammers Posing as MLGW Representatives

We have received reports of a scam involving a phone number and voice mail message from someone fraudulently claiming to represent MLGW.

Customers are receiving calls from (901) 310-9749 about their utility bill. The customer is placed on hold and the call drops. If the customer calls 310-9749, they’ll hear a voice mail that falsely claims to be an MLGW office and directs the caller to leave information that will result in a return call from the scammer. If a customer tries to trace back the call using *69, the number displayed on the phone is (901) 544-6549, the actual number for MLGW Customer Care, though the calls are not actually originating from MLGW.

Police have been notified about this scam.

While MLGW mails cut-off notices to customers and uses auto-dialers alerting them that a payment needs to be made by a certain date to avoid cut-off, MLGW service representatives do not personally call a customer to request a payment. Customers who believe they have been targeted or victimized with this or any other scam should immediately contact the Memphis Police Department at 901-545-2677.

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Steve Tapp said...

Contact your Congressman for more powerful legislation, investigation, and prosecution of these spoofer/scammers.

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