Friday, April 5, 2013

Water Main Repair on N. Parkway Begins April 9

Some Customers May Experience Rusty Water

Final construction to repair a large water main on North Parkway will begin on Tuesday, April 9. This phase of construction will require the shutdown of MLGW's Mallory Pumping Station, but MLGW will utilize other pumping stations to deliver water to customers normally served by this pumping station.
MLGW expects the project to be completed by April 14, though inclement weather could extend the project time.  
Due to the change in water flow throughout MLGW’s system, some customers may experience discolored or rusty water during this time. Rusty water occurs from sediment in the pipes or rust from the inside walls of the water mains. The rust can be disturbed and temporarily suspended in water with unusual water flows from water main breaks or maintenance or by flushing of a hydrant. While rusty water is not a health threat, customers experiencing it are encouraged to avoid washing clothes to prevent staining.

More information about rusty water can be found at
The construction will also require the closure of both the eastbound and westbound left lanes of North Parkway between Decatur and Bellevue.
For Customers Experiencing Rusty Water:
  • Turn on all faucets in your home and let them run for 5-10 minutes until the water clears.
  • If the discolored water persists, call MLGW at 820-7878.

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