Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smart Talk: Smart meters and employee safety

There are many customer, operational and human capital benefits associated with smart meters. Previously, we looked at how smart meters will impact our customers and how we anticipate it will improve operations. The video below focuses on the impact the meters will have on employee safety.

Meter readers read 1 million electric, gas and water meters a month. In 2012, employees in metering had 53 reportable injuries. Considering the vast number of meters read in a month, we are thankful the number isn’t greater. At MLGW we strive to provide a safe work environment; employee safety is our number one concern. However, there are hazards associated with meter reading by its very definition.

Subject to the elements, animal attacks and vehicle accidents, employees encounter many perils while attempting to read customer meters. Deploying smart meters, system-wide, will positively impact employee safety while decreasing worker compensation claims and lost employee time due to injury.

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Alexa Cabria said...

I agree with that.. some employees are dont know what there doing..

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