Thursday, April 25, 2013

Smart Meters in the News

ABC24's Mike Matthews did a story yesterday on MLGW's smart meter implementation. You can read it here.

Here are a few facts about smart meters to keep in mind. For customers, smart meters will mean:

  • Increased premise privacy—no “meter-reading-day” inconveniences (tying up the dog, etc.)
  • Accurate billing—no more estimated readings due to weather and meter access issues
  • Reduced fees—more than 50 percent savings depending on the type of service
  • Faster connection or re-connection—remote processing means you won’t have to wait for a truck to be dispatched
  • Greater control in energy consumption—using usage data to make informed decisions
  • Faster outage detection and quicker restoration times when outages occur
Contrary to unsupported claims circulating the Internet:

  • Smart meters don’t cause fires. An electric meter—whether analog, digital or smart—is a measurement device that records electricity consumption.  A meter—whether analog, digital or smart—cannot cause a fire. 
  • Smart meters will not be used to modify customer behavior. MLGW does not control how much electricity an individual household uses. Smart meters will actually give customers greater control, as customers can make choices to avoid high bills. 
  • Smart meters will not be mandatory for all customers. While MLGW believes there is a sound business case—operationally and for our ratepayers—customers will be able to opt-out.
  • Smart meters will not cause layoffs. However, as employees leave or move into other jobs they won’t be replaced; lower expenses equals significant savings for our customers.
  • Time-of-use rates are voluntary, and no customers will be forced to participate in TOU. However, MLGW current time-of-use customers averaged a 5.62% reduction in energy usage, equated to an annual saving of $82.68
For more information on MLGW's Smart Grid, click here.

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