Friday, April 12, 2013

Shelby County Office of Preparedness Recruiting Reserves

The Shelby County Office of Preparedness, under the direction of Bob Nations, Jr., is recruiting for their 2013 Reserve Program.

Reserves are volunteers who primarily serve as support for the staff by helping to educate the public about disaster preparedness as public speakers and certified Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructors.  Reserves also support the agency as licensed Amateur Radio Operators assisting with communications during times of disaster. Additionally, Reserves may be called in to help in a variety of ways when the Emergency Operations Center is activated.

Reserves are required to attend a monthly meeting, volunteer four hours a month, use their own vehicle, and attend training by the agency.

Qualified applicants must be professional, self-starters, flexible, and interested in public safety. Applications are sent through the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for a background check before an interview is granted. A six month probation period is required before a recruit becomes a full Reserve.

To find out more about the Shelby County Office of Preparedness Reserve Program or to request an application by email, please contact Eugene Jones, Coordinator, at 901.222.6719 or email

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