Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Bill Break Begins Dec. 15th

No Residential Cutoffs for Unpaid Balances of $399.99 or Less from Dec. 15-Jan 14.

To aid customers during the coldest period of the year, MLGW's Holiday Bill Break will begin on Dec. 15.

The Holiday Bill Break ensures that no residential customers are cut off from December 15 to January 14 if they have an unpaid balance of $399.99 or less (except in cases of diversion, safety hazards or default on special payment plans).

MLGW’s Winter Moratorium for Seniors and cold weather moratorium will continue to be in effect as well.

For more information, go to or call 544-6549.


Anonymous said...

What's the constitutional justification for making this time period any different than the rest of the YEAR?

Could it be the preachers on the MLG&W Board?

Excessive entanglement of government with religion, isn't it?

MLGW said...

Previously we had the annual moratorium, which was created in response to a request from the City Council, and eliminated cut offs for everyone. The Holiday bill break, tries to help keep balances low, while also offering protection from cut off.

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