Monday, May 2, 2011

Water System Safe Despite Flooding

MLGW Water System Safe Despite Area Flooding--Water Pumping Stations Sit Above Flood Areas

MLGW’s water system is not expected to be affected by the current flooding that is taking place across Shelby County. All of MLGW’s water pumping stations are located above areas that are flooding or expected to flood.

While a few MLGW wells may be located in flood areas, MLGW will shut down any of those affected and utilize other wells to supply customers without interruption.

In addition, employees at MLGW’s water lab continuously run tests for contaminants from water samples across the county.

“MLGW’s water system is intact and safe,” said MLGW President Jerry Collins Jr. “We will continue to provide pure, high quality water to our customers throughout this difficult time.”

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