Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Utility Updates

For those of you who are concerned about your utilities in relation to the threat of flooding, please read:


● The MLGW water supply is safe and no issues are expected due to the flooding.
● All of MLGW’s water pumping stations are located above areas that are flooding or expected to flood.
● While a few MLGW wells may be located in flood areas, MLGW will shut down any of those affected and utilize other wells to supply customers without interruption.
● MLGW does not use surface water to supply its customers -- it uses ground water from the Memphis aquifer, which is located hundreds of feet below the surface.
● In addition to a natural filtration process for water recharging the aquifer, MLGW disinfects and treats Memphis water before distributing it to customers.
● MLGW is not shutting water off to any areas of Shelby County.
● Customers planning on evacuating should cut their water off in the home, not at the street.

Electric & Gas

● MLGW substations are not expected to be affected by the flooding.
● Customers experiencing flooding can call MLGW's Customer Care Center at 544-MLGW (6549) or 820-7878 so we can disconnect their gas and electric services if necessary.
● Before evacuating, customers are asked to turn the gas off at the meter and also to close the gas valves on natural gas appliances to prevent water from getting into their gas lines.
● MLGW has instructions and a how-to video posted at www.mlgw.com to assist customers in turning off their gas services.

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