Thursday, October 28, 2010

Employees who Care

MLGW employees care. Simple, but true. During the summer’s dangerous, life-threatening heat waves, MLGW employees kept an eye out for at-risk customers. On August 4, meter reader Robert Fayne discovered an ill, bedridden customer and her physically disabled husband on oxygen who had no utilities in sweltering conditions.

Fayne was very concerned and called Customer Metering to notify them of the customer’s condition and to inquire about any available assistance. He felt
that if nothing was done, the outcome would be tragic.

MLGW Customer Metering employees spoke with the social agency clerk in the Credit Operations area who inquired about utility assistance through the Shelby County Community Services Agency (CSA). Meter reading foreman Robert Williams went by the home to arrange a meeting between CSA and the customer, who was unable to walk or get to CSA’s office, and MLGW employees arranged for transportation. Utility assistance was set up, and power was restored that day.

A few days later, MLGW employees at Netters Business Center collected
$225 to get an 82-year-old disabled customer’s utilities restored. During the
heat wave, MLGW employees knocked on doors to check up on at-risk customers, and helped install donated air conditioners as well. MLGW employees care about our customers, and these are just a couple of examples of our employees going the extra mile.

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