Thursday, October 28, 2010

Downtown Grid Gets Smarter

Thanks to a Department of Energy grant, MLGW’s Downtown Network distribution automation project, referred to as a “smart grid,” is making steady progress. MLGW is building a fiber-optic communications system throughout downtown and the medical center to support present and future business and operational needs.

A monitoring, control and analysis system for the area’s power distribution network is being developed, and underground ‘innerduct’ is being installed to carry fiber-optic cable for the network’s distribution automation system. Benefits include enhanced safety for our crews, improved efficiency of operation and maintenance, fewer outages due to equipment operation errors and targeted preventive maintenance.

MLGW will be able to model the system with “real-time” data to improve its design and emergency response. The project, which is being implemented by MLGW employees using internal resources, represents an unprecedented opportunity to move MLGW to the forefront of utilities in understanding and controlling its systems to deliver the best service to our customers, now and into the future.

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