Monday, August 2, 2010

The Heat is ON

The Commercial Appeal is reporting temps in the triple digits this week:
High temperatures in the Mid-South are expected to hit 100 degrees and above today through Thursday.

The heat combined with high humidity will drive the heat index up to 110-115 degrees most days this week, National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Duke said.

The temperature should peak above 100 degrees today, 102 on Tuesday, 103 on Wednesday and 100 on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

Read the full story here.

Tips to prevent heat exhaustion here.

Be careful, everyone. We will not be disconnecting for non-payment as long as the temperture stays this high.


Eva said...

Is there a possibility of "brown outs" or "black outs" given the high demand for electricity? Is MLGW advising conservation or are supplies sufficient to cover the anticipated increase in usuage?

MLGW said...

At this time there is no talk of brown outs and as far as I know we haven't hit our peak usage.

Supplies are sufficient.

We do encourage conservation, but not at the risk of overheating.

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