Monday, August 2, 2010

City Services to Help with the Heat Wave

From the Mayor:

The Heat Hotline is available for you at 901.636.2688

Here's what some of our other non-profit partners and city divisions are doing to help the people of Memphis during these extreme heat advisory periods.

Homeless shelters will implement their inclement weather policy.

MLGW - Per their policies, MLGW will not cut power to any citizens during this period
- MLGW meter readers and other personnel are being asked to knock on the doors of citizens and check the status of vulnerable citizens while in the field.
- Special Reconnect Program – customers can pay $225 no matter how much they owe. This must take place at one of the community payment offices.
- MLGW and General Services employees are available to assist with the installation of air conditioner units. If portable units are used, this will not be necessary.

Memphis Fire Department
- Fire Services personnel are checking on citizens in the neighborhoods where their stations are located.

Memphis Police Department
- MPD personnel will be working closely with efforts to support the homeless. MPD identifying those in need and ensuring they are connected to available resources.
- MPD personnel are checking in on vulnerable citizens during this time.

United States Postal Office
- Mayor is contacting the Postmaster to encourage mail carriers to report any perceived problems with local citizens relative to the heat.

Park Services – Community Centers
- Four (4) community centers will be designated as Cooling Centers
1. Ed Rice Community Center
2. Bickford Community Center
3. Riverview Community Center
4. Orange Mound Community Center
- Citizens who can not make it to one of the cooling centers are encouraged to visit their local city-run community center, all of which are open until 8:00 p.m.

- Reticulated MATA buses will be available to serve as portable cooling centers.
- Transportation where needed to assist groups of citizens in distress from the heat.

Air Conditioner Units
- The City of Memphis is providing 300 units to Shelby County CSA for distribution to citizens who qualify according to their standards.

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