Friday, January 8, 2010

Space Heaters, Restorations, and Gas Prices

Space Heaters
After stories of our space heater donations to MIFA aired on all four TV stations, all 65 space heaters were quickly distributed and then a waiting list of 230 customers requesting was compiled. Yesterday we purchased the additional 230 heaters so that almost 300 people were helped!

As of 1 pm this afternoon, we are up 752 previously cut off customers who have had their power restored. Our field employees have been working in 16-hour shifts to get this done.

Gas Prices
Daniel Connolly of CA has an article in today's paper with a good look at how low natural gas prices will help to counter the increased gas usage this week. With the extreme cold temperatures this week, MLGW customers are using significantly more gas compared to the same time last year. However, because gas prices are much lower this winter, customers may not see a large bill increase when comparing their bills to those of last year. Read the article here.

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