Monday, January 11, 2010

MLGW Resumes Normal Operations

Effective noon on Sunday, January 10, MLGW resumed normal operations in regards to the restoration of customers who had previously been cut off. With temperatures rising above freezing, the initiative to reconnect these customers has reached its completion. MLGW employees reconnected more than 760 customers during the bitter cold temperatures experienced last week.

MLGW President and CEO Jerry Collins Jr. said, "I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of the MLGW employees who were involved with this process, especially those in Customer Care and those field workers who worked 16 hour shifts every day in the freezing cold to bring warmth back to hundreds of MLGW customers. You have shown just how valuable you are to this community."


Anonymous said...

That was a very nice thing to do. Now the question is, Who is going to pay for this? Those 760 "non"customers now recieved weeks of free utilty, and free connection. That has to come out of someones pocket. Are we the subscribers of your service going to see a temp hike in prices to counter the costs of the free service? Would love to know.
Thank you


MLGW said...

--This will not affect rates.

--Funding for this is coming from the City and County, not MLGW, and the City and County are still working out those details.

--The level of funding will determine MLGW's next steps in working with these customers to find an mutually agreeable solution for future payments and continuation of their utility services.

--Moving forward these customers will be responsible for their utility bills.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! good work MLGW

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