Thursday, December 10, 2009


Channels 3 and 24 are airing stories this evening regarding colder weather. Here are the key points from today's stories/interviews:

-- As a reminder, MLGW does not cut off customers if the wind chill is expected to be 32 degrees or below over a 24 hour period.

--In addition, the Annual Moratorium begins next Tuesday, December 15. During this time, customers will not be cut off if they do not pay a bill, however they are still responsible for charges occurred during this time.

--Customers needing to make payment arrangements can do so online at

--MLGW reminds customers to use space heaters safely by keeping them away from flammable objects and not to use them overnight. Customers are also reminded to open cabinet doors and turn both hot and cold water on to a drip to help prevent pipes from freezing.

In addition to the weather stories, Channel 24 is also airing a story regarding utility theft. The number of investigated cases of utility theft has increased this year as has the amount of money the MLGW Revenue Protection department has recovered. Customers are reminded to call 321-6969 to report any suspected cases of utility theft.

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