Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Do You Compare?

A friend of mine recently expressed some concern over her holiday energy consumption. (She has a kiln in her house!) Whether you are doing extra baking (pottery, cookies, etc.) or have lots of holiday lights up, you can see how your energy usage compares with our My Account online feature.

There is a "How Does My Home Compare" bar chart on the My Account dashboard. Green is good and red is bad, middle of the bar is average. It varies with each bill, based on the user's consumption. You can change the view from "Total" to "Electric Only" and "Gas Only." If you click on the "Home Energy Center" tab, you can see the same bar chart--but showing annual use. Values are expressed in dollars.

The comparison is based on info that you have previously supplied about your home size, its age, fuel types, usage habits, etc. So the "compared to" average is a more accurate reflection than looking at say, your sister's or your neighbor's bill.

I'm proud to say my total is always pegged to the left/good/green side. Sign up for My Account and see if you've been "good" before Santa loads up his sleigh!

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