Monday, October 12, 2009

New! Online Payment Arrangements!!

Customers can now make payment arrangements online. Go here and complete an online form in order to request a payment extension. You will need to have received a cut-off notice in the past 10 days, and will need yoir MLGW account number, last four digits of your social security number, and a working e-mail address in order to make payment arrangements online. With a payment arrangement, the payment date will be extended beyond the current due date.

If the cutoff has already occurred, you are required to pay the cut-off amount in full and are not eligible for a payment arrangement.

For MLGW's online payment arrangements, the same stipulations apply for customers requesting payment arrangements via MLGW's automated phone system:

• Customers requesting extensions must pay 25 percent of the balance within four days after the due date of the disconnect notice.

• The balance of the bill is extended up to eight days past the due date of disconnect notice.

• Exceptions to the payment arrangement guidelines are available to customers who have proof of a temporary financial hardship caused by situations such as loss of employment, hospitalization, loss of loved one, etc.

In an effort to be as flexible as possible with its customers, MLGW offers a variety of ways for them to request payment arrangements. This can be done through, through MLGW's automated phone system, or in person at an MLGW community office. All MLGW payment arrangements conform to MLGW's Customer Care Policy.

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