Friday, October 9, 2009

Commercial Resource Center Observes 10th Anniversary

In 1999, MLGW took a unique position among utilities and created the Commercial Resource Center (CRC), a dedicated staff of specially trained employees to handle inquiries from businesses and organizations. By routing calls to a separate number, the plan was to provide more comprehensive service for these complex accounts while also helping to lessen wait times in the larger, residential call center.

The CRC is staffed by 17 employees, with an average 24 years’ experience at MLGW. Most employees have been with the CRC since it opened a decade ago. Each month, the CRC handles about 7,000 calls answered in real time, plus an additional 2,000 voice mails, 130 faxed requests, 300 emails and 14 web requests. If you’ve ever called the CRC, you know there is no interactive voice response (IVR) menu and, if your call is not answered immediately, you have a short hold before being given the option to leave a message.

MLGW’s Commercial Resource Center has become a benchmark for other utilities across the United States that seek to enhance customer service to business customers. Businesses and organizations can contact these dedicated employees by calling 901-528-4720 or emailing

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