Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Manhole Covers

Yesterday, my coworker and I had the pleasure of taking a walking tour of some of downtown's various manhole covers with Jimmy Ogle. Jimmy hosts several tours downtown as a part of the Center City Commission's Downtown Alive series and he is also teaching two continuing education classes at the University of Memphis in the spring. He is a super nice guy who seems to know more off of the top of his head than any other person I have ever encountered!

We focused on a small four block stretch from the river to Fourth and managed to see a nice diversity of manhole covers. Some were from the time when MLGW was known as Memphis Power Company. Some where made in Nebraska, and some were made in India. Some were rather plain, and others could be considered works of art.

Jimmy has a notebook with pictures of almost two hundred manhole covers from all over downtown and is working on an exhibit for the Mud Island Riverpark Museum. I can't wait to see it and to learn more about the history right under our feet!

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