Friday, February 1, 2008

Electric Blankets

Floyd Miller usually spends his workday disconnecting services, which doesn't make him too popular among customers. However, yesterday he had the opportunity to bring a smile to Ms. Pruitt and her child when he delivered one of the 50 electric blankets that MLGW is donating to needy customers.

MLGW is also giving out 150 space heaters to low-income, disabled and/or medically fragile individuals and families identified by the Tennessee Department of Human Services’ Adult Protective Services, Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, and the Family Services Program. Recipients are also being provided with tips and brochures to safely operate these items.

“While we have limited resources to assist our customers, we want to ensure that we are able to help those who are in need right now,” said Jerry Collins, MLGW President.

The donations are part of MLGW’s continuing effort to help those in need manage their utility costs; space heaters and blankets are a good alternative to turning up a home’s thermostat on a cold day because they are more energy efficient.

Last August, in the midst of high temperatures, MLGW also assisted customers in need. The utility donated 200 air conditioning window units to CSA-identified recipients, gave 300 box fans to the Aging Commission of the Mid-South to be distributed to senior and disabled customers, and delivered bottled water to the city’s cooling centers and other areas in need. The utility also helped with the distribution of air conditioners donated by Governor Phil Bredesen.

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