Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ramp It Up

MLGW's Project Max team participated in the AFL-CIO's (American Federation Labor Commercial Industrial Organization) Martin Luther King Memorial Celebration on Saturday, January 19th. Employees served as team leaders for three different groups of volunteers. They spent the morning constructing handicapped ramps for three residents in the 38127 zip code.

The AFLCIO volunteers came out in droves to help build the ramps, which as you can see, are quite sturdy and nice. It normally takes 5-7 volunteers four hours to construct a ramp, but with 30 volunteers on each team, they were done in no time.

The size of the ramp depends on the height of the porch and where the ramp needs to end. For each inch of height, there needs to be one foot of incline. Sometimes it is necessary to do a switchback to make it fit.

The three recipients were already on Project Max's waiting list. Project Max builds approximately 30 ramps per year for pre-qualified low-income residents who are either elderly or disabled. Home health organizations and non-profits refer customers to the program. Customers can also get pre-qualified themselves by calling CSA (Shelby County Community Services Agency) at 523-7518.

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