Thursday, May 4, 2023

MLGW’s Adopted School Honors Program

Vice President and Chief Information Officer Lashell Vaughn was present and accounted for during the Third Quarter Honors Program at Craigmont Middle School, MLGW’S partner school for student academic success. VP Vaughn spoke with the students and encouraged them to continue on the road to successful achievements. 

 She told the students, “Today is payday for you!” as she awarded 69 gift cards to the students in three categories. Eight students achieved the Principal’s List and received $50 gift cards. Fifty-one students earned Honor Roll status and were awarded $25 gift cards. Ten students who were present each day of the third quarter received $25 gift cards. 

She reminded students to pay their parents by earning good grades. Students screamed and cheered as she reached into her wallet and “paid” five students an additional amount for being first time honorees. 

Craigmont Middle School is a part of the MLGW Educational Pipeline that seeks to cultivate future

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