Monday, November 15, 2021

Compass School Midtown students participate in MLGW's Cast Iron Celebration

Compass School Midtown students were part of a post-Cast Iron Celebration Q&A with MLGW's Gas Engineering dept. and Gas area employees on Tuesday, November 9. The Q&A session commenced after conclusion of MLGW's 30-year Cast Iron Replacement Celebration held at Compass School. 

Anxious to learn about engineering and science job opportunities in the real world, the students had many interesting questions. Leading the class and organizing the event was Nathan Combs, Compass chemistry and STEM teacher, whose STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) class participated. "We do a lot of hands-on projects, project based learning things - they constructed a bridge and tower out of spaghetti, performed a safe egg drop without it cracking, built a mousetrap car and several other small projects. We really focus on the engineering design process - which the process engineers use when facing a problem. I'd say the event really opened our students' eyes to the possibility of working in a field that may have seemed previously irrelevant or unobtainable. I had about 15 students that simply didn't want to leave the engineers' sides! They were so engaged and interested in a way I haven't seen some of them before."

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