Monday, October 19, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Eric Conway


Eric Conway, Manager of Employee Services and Talent Acquisition
Have a COVID question? Chances are Eric Conway has the answer. We’ve all gotten to know his name over the last six months, and now we know just a little bit more!
He "first gained employment with MLGW on March 10, 2008, as a HR Generalist." He was promoted to HR Rep 2, HR Compliance Coordinator and finally the Manager of Employee Services and Talent Acquisition (ESTA) in 2018. 
The best part of his job:
It is always wonderful to work with a great team like the ESTA department. I enjoy working with my peers as they are a wonderful support system in the People Services Division. Additionally, I enjoy interacting with different employees at various levels of the Division and/or other external leaders from various industries. Making suggestions/decisions for the ultimate health and well-being of the Division is a wonderful and gratifying responsibility (guiding on policies, interpreting federal legislation, best practices and procedures).     
How COVID has affected his work:
The pandemic has added challenges for ESTA. I have had to be creative and institute guidance and amendments to policies that affects employees' lives and work. As our policies on how employees are managed from the office to remote working have evolved, it has been interesting and we have made it work for the best outcome. Human Resources is about interacting with people on a more intimate level.  The pandemic created distance in our interaction with employees; evident of this is our interview process, which is totally virtual now, is evidence of this.
Whenever you take on additional responsibilities that impact lives, you will incur stress. You must turn a negative into a positive. I sleep better at night because the work we do sustains quality of life and mitigates risk to all employees during this pandemic.
Something most of his coworkers don't know about him:
Probably that I’m a big softy when it comes to my kids.  Although they are grown, I still try to guide them as young adults, helping them to be productive citizens.
What we can find him doing on a Saturday afternoon:
Just relaxing from a morning ride, watching a movie or old television show. Also, I try to walk with my daughter for exercise and spend some quality time with her.
And finally, his hidden/secret talents:
I don’t have any hidden secrets or talents.  I have always been athletic and I enjoy activities that are health oriented. I am an avid cyclist for seven or eight years now. In the spring and summer, I ride three to four days a week from 30 -70 plus miles per ride. After the season, I continue to ride once or twice on the weekend during fall and winter for training for the next riding season. I also officiate Middle and High School Basketball games for Shelby County schools.  I enjoy being a part of a sport that I once played. This is also a healthy alternative for the fall and winter months when outdoor activities are limited.

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