Thursday, October 8, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Darren Sharp

We had an employee suggest a new feature, an employee spotlight, to help employees in different areas get to know each other. We thought it was a great idea, and asked the person who suggested the idea to be our first in the spotlight. Many of us know Darren Sharp as the man who runs the company Zoom events, but we didn't know that this Computer Software Specialist also coaches basketball at Houston Middle School. Keep reading to find out what else we learned…


Two things he loves about his job at Lead Computer Software Specialist:

“Receiving a “Thank You” from an End User when you’ve delivered a technology solution that improves the efficiency of their jobs. To me, that means you are developing the “right” solutions for your users.

Inspiring kids when I speak at Career Days about technology and life.  I include information about my background, my current responsibilities, education, training, and salary ranges of a Technology Professional. But I also focus on honesty, good manners, respect, time management, and Dreaming Big.”

How COVID has affected his daily work:

“As COVID has forced a large number of employees to work remotely, MLGW has adopted technology that allows us to stay connected.  One of those technologies is Zoom.  Zoom’s cloud platform allows employees to share videos, content and chat across telephone, mobile devices, and desktops systems.  My team is responsible for hosting several Corporate meetings and webinars via Zoom (i.e Information Systems Safety Meetings, MLGW Board of Commissioners Meeting, MLGW On-Track, Neighborhood Advisory Council, J.T. Young’s All Employee Meeting).  In addition, we provide Zoom training for internal customers (i.e. How to Schedule a Meeting, Zoom Tips for Host a Meeting).”

What we can find him doing on a Saturday afternoon:

“On Saturday afternoons, you can find me working on my F-150 with my son. This is my way of spending quality time with my son, teaching him life-skills and valuable lessons.”

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