Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Keeping You Safe: Gas Pipeline Inspection Digs

MLGW gas crews just wrapped up four pipeline inspection digs, which are a part of our safety and compliance with the Department of Transportation regulations.


We have a pipeline integrity management plan that we follow. It's all about keeping the system safe from explosions by preventing leaks. Crews are looking for corrosion along the steel pipes in order to catch any as early as possible and then correct it. We are usually able to clean and recoat the pipe to protect it from corrosion.


We are required to inspect pipelines every seven years, which we break down into 30-35 miles every year. MLGW surveys above ground starting in May, gathering tons of data to analyze, and pinpoints areas to inspect. Our system is looking great and we only had to do four direct inspections via excavation this year.


These natural gas pipelines are the backbone supply for all of Shelby county – similar to transmission towers for electricity. We get the natural gas from one of three suppliers - Texas Gas, A&R and Trunkline - then distribute it to homes and businesses. These transmission lines are much larger and under a much higher pressure than the lines going to individual residences.

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