Thursday, June 27, 2019

ETOR = Estimated Time of Restoration

MLGW considers several things when estimating times of restoration. 

We take into account:

  • resources like crew members and tree trimming contractors
  • obstacles in the way of restoration—like downed trees and limbs
  • the type and extent of repair needed (i.e., can one lineman make this repair or will it require a whole crew?)

During severe weather and on occasions when thousands or tens-of-thousands of customers are without power it takes more time to estimate when service will be restored. 

At least two things happen before an estimation can be made. 

1. A troubleshooter assesses the outage and determines repairs needed.
  • If he can make repairs himself and has the resources to do so, the troubleshooter makes repairs.
  • If that is not possible due to resources or other constraints, the troubleshooter calls for a crew.
2. Crews look at the extent of the damage and the amount of repairs needed.
  • Once they make an assessment they can also make an estimated time of restoration.

Please keep in mind that the restoration time is an estimate and not guaranteed. We do everything we can to meet that expectation and when there are numerous outages it just takes longer. 

For the sake of accuracy, crews need time to assess repairs. Once determined they report the information to CARES (Computer Aided Restoration of Electric System) and we can give you the estimated time of restoration. 

That's how #MLGW estimates your time of restoration. What's it take to get the power back on? Here's a look at our restoration process. #ServingYouIsWhatWeDo

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