Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Important Information for Life Support Customers

If someone in your home is dependent on physician-certified, non-portable life-sustaining equipment, please let us know so that we can maintain an accurate list. We know how very important it is that these customers receive uninterrupted power, and we make a special effort to provide it.


However, in the event of a large storm or other disaster that's out of MLGW’s control, these customers, like others, may be affected by an unplanned outage that could last several hours or days. (The time required to restore your power depends on the cause of the outage, the number of components damaged, whether tree trimming is required to get to the point of repair, and the number of customers impacted.)

Therefore these customers should make arrangements in advance to accommodate their special needs. The Fire Department recommends the following:

  • Ensure that the recipient has adequate oxygen supplies to be self-sustainable for 48-72 hours.

  • If recipient’s supplemental system requires power, make plans to move them to a family or friend’s location with power, use a local community center to charge the device, or utilize a portable generator or vehicle charging port.

  • Develop a plan to leave the residence if the recipient is unable to supply their supplemental oxygen needs.

To place your name on our registry of customers with life-sustaining equipment, please call the MLGW Customer Care Center at (901) 544-6549.

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