Monday, April 1, 2019

April is Safe Digging Month

This April marks the 12th annual National Safe Digging Month, reminding residents to always call 811 before starting any digging project. National Safe Digging Month is formally recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and has traditionally earned the support from nearly every state governor across the country.

April is a time when many homeowners, residents and contractors dig, excavate, build, landscape and garden. If there are plans to dig on your property at any time, whether it’s for fence posts, trees, gardening, home addition or whatever, always call to get your utility lines located and marked first. Call 811 Before You Dig! Better safe than sorry…

A recent national survey revealed that 42 percent of homeowners who plan to dig this year won’t call 811, putting their families, neighbors and their communities at risk.

So plan ahead! Call 811, the national safe digging hotline, before you dig. MLGW, cable and phone companies will come out and mark your utility and gas lines for free. Always allow 72 hours (three business days) for your lines to be marked before any digging. Take photos of the markings for your records, but call again for future digs.

Always check to make sure your contractor has called 811 and had your lines located and marked before you allow them to begin a job that involves digging. Striking an unmarked underground gas line or electrical line can be deadly, and utility lines could be at any depth.

MLGW will hold Natural Gas Safety Awareness Day on Friday, April 12 with information tables at area Lowe’s stores. Please drop by for some Call 811 and natural gas safety information, brochures and materials to help keep your family and community safe.

Always Call 811 Before You Dig. It’s the law! And it’s smart… For more details, visit For more information about Tennessee One Call and 811, visit More natural gas safety information can be found on MLGW’s website at

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