Monday, December 31, 2018

MLGW Tools to Help You Have the Best Year Yet

First things first 

Commit to saving energy. Take a closer look at your monthly utility bill. Do your gas, electric or water charges seem high?

Follow our thermostat guidelines: 68 or lower in the winter; 78 or higher in the summer. This small step can make a big difference on your bill.

Look for dripping water faucets, running toilets, and other leaks. Set your water heater to warm (or 120 degrees.) These are more small fixes that can add up.

Need help? Schedule an Energy Dr. visit and have one of our professionals give you a prescription for savings. Our trained technicians can help you identify whether your heating and cooling units are operating properly, whether you are losing air through windows and doors, and whether you have enough insulation in your home.

Get caught up on your bill

If you’ve been carrying a $199 balance or got caught off guard by high winter bills, we can help.

Deferred Billing payment plans, available through our Community Offices, can spread your balance over five months.

If your bill is over $600, our On Track program may be for you. You’ll get one-on-one access to a dedicated Service Advisor, a payment plan up to 36 months, and education on energy savings and budgeting.

If your winter and summer bills are way higher than your spring and summer bills, Budget Billing can level out your bill so you can pay the same amount each month.

 Never miss a payment

If late fees and cut off notices are part of your normal, take control by signing up for AutoPay. This allows you to have your payment automatically drafted from your account each month. If this sounds scary, combine it with Budget Billing so you know the amount ahead of time.

Our Text Alerts program can also keep you focused with monthly reminders of bill payments and possible cut offs.

PrePay lets you pay in advance, on your schedule.

Be in the Know

Don’t like calling or coming into an office? My Account lets you view your bill and track your energy usage online 24/7/365.

Follow us online. Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are updated daily with the latest news, helpful tips, and more.

Download the MLGW app! Track outages, connect to My Account, easily find important MLGW phone numbers, read news from our website and blog, and more.

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