Friday, June 24, 2016

Max Impact Home Weatherization Loan Program

The Max Impact Home Weatherization Loan Program provides funding for home weatherization improvements for up to $2,500 at an interest rate of 3%.  This loan is repayable on the customer’s monthly MLGW utility bill for a term of up to seven years.   

Homeowners and Landlords of tenants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

·        MLGW customer with annual combined household income not exceeding $50,000

·        Landlord of tenant with tenant household income not exceeding $50,000 (Landlord must reside in MLGW service area and have an active MLGW account)

·        Satisfactory Consumer Credit Profile

·        At least one year of service history with MLGW

·        Two years of satisfactory MLGW payment history

Eligible weatherization measures include:

·         AC condenser replacement

·         Attic access hatches

·         Attic insulation

·         Duct replacement

·         Leaks (gas or water)

·         Water heater replacement (gas or electric)

·         Window or door replacement

Once the application is received, complete with the appropriate documents outlined in the application instructions, it undergoes our applicant screening process. If approved, one of MLGW’s Energy Technicians will contact the customer to set up an appointment for a Home Energy Audit.  The Technician will use the audit findings to make recommendations on what weatherization improvements need to be made.  

After the customer selects the measure(s) to be repaired, the customer will be provided with a list of approved contractors.  These contractors will only bid on the work needed on the home, based on MLGW recommendations.  The bid process allows the customer to obtain competitive pricing on their home repairs.  When the work is completed, an MLGW Technician performs a final inspection on the repairs.  Once the inspection passes, MLGW will set up the cost of the repairs in monthly installments on your utility bill.  The typical repayment amount is $33 per month.

If you are interested in participating in the Max Impact Home Weatherization Loan Program, please call 901-528-4188 to have an application mailed to you. 

Max Impact is a loan, which must be repaid.  Penalties for default include: the balance of the loan becoming due in full and immediately payable and/or reporting to credit agencies.  Only one loan is permitted per property address.        

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