Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Giving Tuesday: Sign up for Share the Pennies

Share the Pennies is a great way to give and make a difference in your community on Giving Tuesday.

What is Share the Pennies?

Share the Pennies is a program sponsored by MIFA and MLGW.  The program rounds your monthly utility bill to the next highest dollar amount and donates the difference to the Project CARE fund.

What is Project CARE?

Project CARE is an energy-efficiency program designed to help elderly and disabled individuals with minor weatherization repairs to their homes.  These repairs include replacing broken windows, fixing gas or water leaks, replacing AC condensers or furnaces and upgrading attic insulation.
Thus far, Project CARE has provided over $187,000 in energy-efficiency repairs and assisted over 200 elderly or disabled people in the community which also supports MLGW’s overall sustainability efforts.

Check out the Project CARE video below to see how donations to Share the Pennies make a difference in our community.

It’s Easy to Sign up Today.

Sign up for Share thePennies online or by calling Customer Relations at 901-528-4887.  You can also help by making a one-time donation online.  Small change makes a big difference!

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