Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Smart Talk: Clarity on a Smart Meter Complaint

At the end of the August 18, 2015 City Council meeting, a citizen complained that she had a new meter, perhaps a smart meter, placed on her house and she wants it removed because her water bill went from $6 to $300. In addition, she complained that her electric bills were getting higher.

That same day the customer submitted a form to the MLGW President’s Office requesting that the smart meter be removed from her home.

The truth is that this home does not have a smart meter, nor has it ever had a smart meter. The water meter at this home has been there for 12 years. The 1981 vintage electric meter recently stopped working and was replaced with a digital electric meter. The customer was back billed for electric power use for those months when the old electric meter malfunctioned.

The customer has been inconsistent in making payments to MLGW. As a result, a significant unpaid balance has accumulated. MLGW is working with the customer to help her pay off her unpaid balance over time.

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